Summer Special: "Try Sevruga" 20% Off

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Summer Special: "Try Sevruga" 20% Off
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Summer Special: "Try Sevruga" 20% Off

20% Off Discount Code: Try Sevruga

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Sevruga caviar is one of the most traditional caviar, made of the roes of Starry sturgeon (Acipenser stellatus), also known as stellate sturgeon.

The Rare Caviar

In the past, Sevruga caviar was the most common caviar to be found, comparing to Osetra caviar and Beluga caviar. However, due to environmental pollution, poaching and overfishing, the number of wild Starry sturgeon, which produces Sevruga caviar, has substantially declined.

The "real" Sevruga caviar becomes a hard-to-find caviar nowadays. Why we stress on "real"? Due to the shortage of Starry sturgeon, most of the "Sevurga caviar" has turned to be produced by the more commonly founded Sterlet sturgeon (Acipenser ruthenus), the "cousin" of Starry sturgeon.

It's been very lukcy that Starry sturgeon is available in our Russian caviar farm, and we are happy to bring the real taste of Sevruga Caviar from the Caspian Sea to you all in Hong Kong.

The Underrated Caviar

Despite the smallest roe size (2.0 - 2.2 mm) among all traditional caviars, Sevruga caviar delivers the longest and the most intense aftertaste.

The delicate texture of the caviar melts almost instantly between the palate and tongue, followed by creamy and buttery notes and long-lasting, pure aroma of the sea.

The color of Sevruga caviar is lovely and distinguishedly from other kinds of caviar in slate grey with a touch of pearliness

Free Delivery for any purchases in Hong Kong

20% Off Discount Code: Try Sevruga

Enjoy Caviar with Vodka / Champagne

Caviar is always perfectly paired with vodka and champagne. Oh! Caviar handpicks a collection of vodka and champagne that elevates the experience in enjoying the taste of the Caspian Sea.

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